Hi, I'm Wiktor Romanowicz.

5 years ago, I started my first business by creating websites for local businesses and friends. 

It wasn’t the best business, but I loved the process. 

The truth is, my income wasn’t predictable. One month I felt as rich as Naval. The next, I didn’t.

This forced me to think about solving the problem of a consistent sales process.

I then committed with my whole heart to find out how 7 and 8 figures CEOs are operating their sales processes to grow so fast. 

After losing tens of thousands of dollars on programs and courses that didn’t work, I joined the salesprocess.io team as a growth consultant. I learned how they create such great results with their clients.

Check case studies here: https://salesprocess.io  

After leaving that team, I improved their process and now, I can say that it’s been proven to over 2000 companies.

How my work will benefit you:

I’m a fan of scientific ideas put into practice. The question I continually try to answer is, “How can I quickly scale sales without a headache?”

My writing topics are…

  • How to create sales teams

  • How to write copy that converts

  • How to create processes that will not break while scaling

I write about how to take these ideas and put them into practice.

Most of the concepts I write about aren’t my own.

They are ideas I discover and build upon after many hours of reading and research. 


You can watch my videos here.