How to structure your emails for maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

Today I was thinking what would be the most helpful topic for my younger salf to accelerate my results in the agency life. So I decided that today I will talk about how to structure your emails to get them on the call and close.

Every email campaign has to have that 2 components to be considered successful. It has to be effective-that means has to deliver actual results (in this case scheduled calls).And it has to be efficient to get the most out of  your precious time.

Today I will focus on the first part of this equation that is effectiveness- setting the appointments.

I think it is useful to boil things down to the basics to know what to optimize. Here are I think the most important metrics that I track EVERY day.

-send to open rate

-send to response rate

-send to booked call rate

If there are some metrics are included in article, the first questions that often comes to mind is that: What are the aspirational percentages that I should optimize for??

For the open rate, anything above 50% is considered good.
How to go about increasing to above 50%
If it is below that rate, you should check validation of your emails first.

Secondly, the deliverability to the inbox and not to the spam folder (I like to use spam tester .com)

If you do it and that metric is still not satisfying, you need to change the subject line to more clickable. Here are some good ones that made a lot of money:

SL: quick question for {prospect name}

SL: Looking to scale {company name}

SL: Personalized video for {prospect name}

SL: 3x {company name} sales in 90 days

SL: Love that you {personalized complement}

SL: {prospect name}??

SL: {mutual contact} told me to contact you

To get your response rate to the ideal 4% and booked rate to 2% it is important that you send emails to the prospects that need your services. However, they have to “feel” like this email was not mass to send, and you really care about their company. The question is how do you achieve it??

You need to optimize your body of the email, to achieve 2 things:

-make them feel that you care (personalized first line)

-Make them feel like they should talk with you (credibility-case studies and link to schedule a call with you)

You need to keep in mind that most people (including me) don’t read emails that are not interesting in the beginning. That brings to the first line that I believe should be personalized for each and every prospect to bring their attention to your email and make them read the rest. Examples of a good first line:

I love how you and {co-founder name} are at the forefront of the innovation in the cleaning business.

Interesting how you helped {insert their past client} to {their result}. It had to be an amazing feeling

Congratulation on graduation {insert collage name} in {graduation date}. I am sure it helps you tremendously in your entrepreneurship journey.

After you hooked them and showed that you care you need to show that you are a pro.

Just show your work and signal that you know what you are doing.

Tip: Do not be afraid to go crazy with it you can include even like 6 case studies and some of the links to the material on your website that you think will be beneficial to your ideal customers.

The last part, click to action: create the Calendly link to book a call with you or one of your closers and boom you are good to go. Just include the nice signature and you.