How to do things that don’t scale to get your agency to the next level

To grow your agency, you need 2 things:

Have a predictable way to schedule strategy sessions


Have a predictable way of closing that generated strategy session in a short time, ideally in one call.


Of course, I am not saying that don’t need to streamline the service delivery pert of your business, but I have realized that mast service based businesses struggle with setting the appointments


In this essay I will do my best to share more light on the first one and in the next we will go about the second one.


To generate the strategy sessions, you can do 6 things:

    1. Create content that converts
    2. Send emails to your list
    3. Pay to schedule a strategy session with a prospect using for example Facebook ads
    4. Using affiliated to schedule a strategy session for you
  • Use an outbound strategy to generate appointments 
  1. And the king of them all- word of mouth 


Today I will focus on the 5th one because is it the easiest to start and very predictable. It has some drawbacks, but it is an overall a good strategy to use. Here is the step-by-step guide on how we would go about it for the maximum productivity and efficiency:


  1. Find or scrape the list of the ideal clients that would be happy that you will contact them
  2. Validate their email address so that you will not waste your time doing outreach to dead mails
  3. Upload emails that are prepared that way to the emailing software like woodpecker or (I personally use
  4. Send each email personally, It doesn’t have to be entirely personalized, but making the first line a unique and specific makes a world of difference.
  5. Create a 5-step auto follow-up sequence to do not waste time on the follow-ups.
  6. Send at least 80 emails a day. From that created email sequence you can expect 1-2% response rate (I personally have had moths that had 5% response rate)
  7. Create the Calendly link that you will attach in your emails. Customize the emails before and after the call to improve the show up rate and increase closing rate


How I suggest going about including it in business:

Set aside at least 2 hours in your calendar, ideally in the morning, to do the actual work. 

Create the foundations in the beginning so that you can focus only on creating first lines and sending that emails.
When I am saying fundamentals, I mean:

  • Good subject lines that hook the customers
  • 3 variations of interesting copy that will convince them to schedule a call with you
  • 5 step follow-up sequence that will bump the thread
  • List of at least 1000 people to target, so you can expect to get at least 1 client from that 

There are many things that I didn’t cover in that short blog post like how to structure your email or what are the best subject lines to test. I hope it has helped you in some way, I will post more tips in the future, and if you are interested in what I can do to help you scale your service based business schedule a call on the top of the website.